Asset Management

Our asset management business deploys multiple systematic trading strategies to invest capital in the global financial markets. While many of our trading programs span across numerous markets, we believe that a diverse set of uncorrelated and independent trading systems is the most important factor for the production of consistent absolute returns.

It seems clear to us that the generation of attractive returns requires Aquantum to have a competitive advantage over other traders and investors. We believe that our edge in the financial markets is the result of rigorous research aimed at capturing recurring price patterns and risk premiums whose exploitation can deliver positive returns under trending and non-trending market conditions. Aquantum is not a long-term trend following fund. Instead, we are aiming to produce returns with negligible correlation to other investments, including other CTAs. To achieve this goal, we employ short-term pattern detection systems that are able to predict price movements in futures markets around the world. Because our investment programs are diversified across multiple time frames, strategies, and markets, they can produce positive returns even under the most unfavorable market conditions.

In order to ensure that our strategies remain effective, every aspect of the investment process, from signal generation to trade execution, is regularly monitored and analyzed by Aquantum's researchers. Our trading programs are relatively execution intensive and often require sophisticated orders to be placed in the markets. As a consequence, we employ proprietary algorithmic execution techniques to improve the overall trade implementation process and reduce slippage.