Corporate Structure

At Aquantum, the interaction between trading systems and people is key for success. Developing and operating sophisticated trading systems, and managing a regulated asset management company like Aquantum, requires a team of experienced professionals, a robust IT infrastructure, and a high degree of client understanding.

The mathematicians, physicists, economists and engineers working in our Research & Portfolio Management team are charged with a single goal: to generate attractive returns by designing trading models which are able to exploit persistent sources of alpha. Researchers cooperate closely with Aquantum's programmers and software developers to implement new and improve existing trading strategies.

Aquantum's Execution & Trading team aims to achieve the most efficient and best possible execution of Aquantum's systematic trading programs - a task that is anything but simple given that our models may trade in numerous markets around the globe simultaneously. The majority of Aquantum's trade execution is electronic and our execution traders manage all monitor all aspects of the trading process, from order generation to trade allocation.

Our Operations team runs all corporate functions on a daily basis and ensures that Aquantum complies with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. In addition to investor relations, legal, compliance, tax and finance, the Operations team is responsible for Aquantum's IT infrastructure. Communication systems and IT are key to Aquantum to assure business continuity and to protect and preserve our intellectual property. As a result, our servers are located in segregated fire compartments with resilient power and cooling facilities. A separate back-up system is in place and disaster-recovery procedures are implemented to ensure that Aquantum's trading operations can run each business day.