Markets are not perfect

Aquantum rejects the Efficient Market Hypothesis. We do not believe that returns follow strict random walks and that assets are perfectly priced at all times. Aquantum's approach to investing begins with a thorough examination of a variety of factors that may cause markets to move, followed by an investigation of all detected anomalies and unusual market patterns. To accomplish this, Aquantum follows a disciplined research process which relies on the application of advanced quantitative methods. While our research process frequently yields promising investment ideas, only a small number of these are based on viable premises. If new ideas fail to withstand a scientific evaluation of their merits, they will be rejected.



At the core of our investment philosophy lays the belief that trading decisions should be "free of emotions." Aquantum's trading signals are therefore rooted in mathematical equations, which permits us to follow a predefined and disciplined investment process. Live trading strategies are continuously monitored, analyzed, and refined by our specialists.



One of our principles is to diversify portfolios across models, markets, and time frames. Portfolios are constructed to target specific levels of volatility and are monitored against a number of risk measures.

We also analyze every aspect of the trade execution process in order to identify and extract efficiency gains. By examining factors such as market liquidity and slippage, Aquantum develops proprietary techniques to optimize the trade execution with all brokers.