The Aquantum Group

Aquantum is a quantitative asset manager and specialist index provider. Our name derives from the words "Aqua," representing liquidity and transparency, and "Quantum," expressing our quantitative investment principles.

Our asset management business is focused on the development of systematic trading strategies, especially short-term pattern detection systems, and employs scientific methods to generate positive returns with negligible correlation to other asset classes, including other CTAs. Our index business on the other hand is committed to designing indexable trading strategies whose returns are driven by recurring market inefficiencies and persistent risk premiums.


Founded in late 2008 by former Winton Capital Senior Scientist Thomas P. Morrow, Aquantum today operates businesses in Munich and Luxembourg. Our indices have attracted an accumulated investment volume of approx. $2 billion since 2009, and we are proud to be cooperating with several professional partners to develop state-of-the art investment products for our institutional clientele.


Aquantum maintains a strong emphasis on research in the areas of system development, trade implementation, and execution. We are convinced that trading innovations and technological improvements are central to the creation of absolute returns in the long-term. To achieve that, we have established rigorous and sustainable statistical research processes to analyze large sets of market data. Furthermore, an important part of our culture is to maintain a transparent working environment and an "open-door" policy toward our clients.




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