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Your team for exceptional investment solutions.

As a specialized developer and manager of systematic investment strategies, we give you access to unique sources of return, so that you can better meet the diverse challenges of the capital markets.

News & Publications

13. May 2024
Aquantum Group

The Hedge Fund Journal awards Aquantum Commodity Spread (ACS)

We are delighted to have received another award from the internationally renowned The Hedge Fund Journal. In the category “Systematic Commodity Calendar Spread Trader (AuM < $500)" our trading program ACS was awarded Best Performing Fund over 3 and 4 Years.

25. April 2024
Aquantum Group

Launch of the ADR Managed Futures UCITS

Attractive returns in both rising and falling markets through participation in medium to long-term price trends. Aquantum is pleased to announce the launch of the new ADR Managed Futures UCITS in co-operation with Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt, and Donner & Reuschel Aktiengesellschaft, Hamburg.

19. March 2024
Aquantum Active Range

First international award for Aquantum Active Range

We are delighted that our Aquantum Active Range fund is awarded from the internationally renowned The Hedge Fund Journal in the category “Volatility Trader – Best Performing Fund over 2 Years”.

Aquantum’s main expertise is trading liquid investment instruments using modern risk management techniques.

Our trading programs are accompanied by an active research process designed to ensure attractive risk-return profiles.

Individual Programs

Active Range

The AAR program is a delta-based options strategy on the S&P 500.

AAR allows investors to profit from market fluctuations unrelated to the overarching market direction.

Commodity Spread

The ACS program is a systematic market neutral commodity futures strategy.

ACS enables investors to benefit from seasonally recurring market patterns in commodity markets.

Commodity Spread Energies
(ACS Energies)

The ACS Energies program trades the energy market components of the ACS strategy in a stand-alone program.

We believe that trading innovation and ongoing technological improvements are central to generating absolute returns.

Carina Polzer


Aquantum’s focus is on specialized trading strategies that optimally balance return potential with systematic risk management.

Thomas Morrow


Comprehensive team expertise combined with a robust production environment create perfect conditions for effective interaction between humans and systems.

Christian Schneider


The primary objective of our strategies is to generate absolute returns regardless of specific market phases.

Maik Kaminski

Senior Portfolio Manager

Practiced transparency
We are looking forward to your visit in our Munich office.

The name of our group of companies is derived from the components “Aqua” and “Quantum”. Aqua” stands for liquidity and transparency, “Quantum” for disciplined and quantitatively based trading principles.