Aquantum Sustainability Mission

„Aquantum, in accordance with its client investment management mandates, is promoting initiatives for sustainable investments in compliance with applicable environmental, social and governance principles (“ESG”) and is a signatory to the United Nations principles for responsible investments (UNPRI). Within our investment analysis and decision-making processes, we are taking into consideration the increased demand for suitable ESG committed investment alternatives in the exchange-traded derivatives field. We are for example seeking to support initiatives to overcome still prevailing limitations in the traditional commodities production chains and traditional commodities exchanges trading offerings. Our risk analysis and management processes address potential sustainability risks associated with our investment programs which may ultimately affect our company. Aquantum staff and personnel is instructed and committed to identify and avoid any potential conflicts with ESG responsible investment principles and excessive risks generally, which is also reflected in our remuneration policies. Our employees are bound and committed and share and support our vision for the research and development of more ESG promoting investment alternatives and investment solutions in the exchange-traded derivatives space. As a result of our comprehensive ESG impact and risk analysis of trading exchange-listed options and futures contracts as part of our investment programs, we currently assess our portfolio investment activity as ESG-neutral, i.e., not adversely or positively affecting ESG sustainability factors of the underlying, while providing additional liquidity to exchange-traded options and futures markets generally. Based on our research, we currently expect, that the performance of our trading strategies and investment programs is not negatively affected by potential or actual ESG risks relating to the underlying of exchange-traded options and futures contracts we trade in. We are keeping our investors informed about material developments with ESG impact on their investment programs, including the innovation and availability of exchange-listed and traded options and futures contracts with proven ESG-positive impact.”

Aquantum's ESG Policy